SEO Services / Content Marketing

Developing New and Engaging web content is the key to attracting and retaining customers online. Not only does it add value to visitors, but it has been recognised by SEO assessors that site which are constantly updating and refreshing content are more engaging for visitors, so they also rank better.


  • Rank better in SEO
  • Increase User Interest and Interactivity
  • Create a more Memorable and Relevant user experience
  • Establish Expertise in a particular topic
  • Increase customer retention

Big SEM Marketing can assist you with consistent content development strategies to help your business.

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How does Content Marketing help SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the organic attraction of internet users to a website through search engine results. Search engines rank websites based on its judgment of the most relevant and effective answers to queries that users are searching for. The search engine algorithm measures a number of factors, but the most relevant today is relevant and original ‘Content’.

The Pitfalls of Content Marketing

With the most recent updates from Google, content marketing has become a critical area of effectiveness in website ranking. Many of the underhanded techniques previously practiced by some agencies have been identified and Google has not only automated their identification, but also ensured websites that use them are penalised in their ranking for trying to employ them. These negative practices are often referred to as ‘black hat’ techniques.

‘Black hat’ practices can include techniques such as:

  • keyword stuffing and hidden keywords
  • link schemes
  • cloaking
  • scraped content
  • doorway pages

Big SEM does not use black hat techniques, but rather works together with you to ensure that your website’s content is easily identified and ranked by search engines for the most effective search queries that your target market are using.
By crafting fresh and relevant content in this way, you not only appeal to the search engine queries, but add to a valuable customer experience that will help secure you as a reputable and authorative expert in your field.

Content marketing includes more than just the info on your web pages however. Social Media Marketing through articles, posts and blogs are all useful for helping potential customers solve problems while showcasing expertise on different topics.