What is Responsive?

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Responsive web design permits a website to change to suit the device it is being viewed in. It may be a mobile phone or a tablet or a PC all of which have different screen sizes so the viewing experience is different.

What is Responsive?

Digital Marketing is an ever changing landscape. Staying on top of the best tools and latest techniques that will keep your ads effective is a full time job. As a Search Engine Marketing Agency, you can rest easy knowing that Big SEM Marketing is aware of the latest industry trends and is using them to your advantage.

As a Search Engine Marketing Agency we know you can rest easy, confident that we are aware of the latest industry trends and will use them to your advantage.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

  • Optimal User Experience
  • Lower Bounce Rates
  • Higher Conversion
  • Better SEO Ranking

Big SEM Marketing can help optimise your website to a responsive design.

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Why is Responsive Design Important?

The internet is changing – or more specifically the way we use it is changing.

In Australia over the last 5 years, we have seen internet access increase from 11.49% to 48% on mobile devices and this is set to continue to grow. Designing websites to suit mobile devices is no longer a value add. It is fast becoming the primary method for users to access the internet.

But there’s more to having a responsive design than just being able to view it effectively at different screen resolutions. Mobile users need responses faster to their queries as they are more likely to be interrupted. Many of the features that work well for a PC experience are not as easy to use on smartphones, so knowing what to keep and what to simplify is important.

Furthermore Google now acknowledges this and will rank responsive websites higher than sites without this capability – meaning that developing responsive websites will improve SEO.

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