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Why Custom Web Development Solutions are best for your business?

Secure Business Websites

Your business website is built with security in mind in using as little plugins as possible. Not all Plugins are safe and particularly if not updated regularly, are potential risks for malicious hacking. Ensure the security of your website through customised web solutions developed by professional SEO web programmers, developers and designers for your business.

Free SSL With Website Hosting

Web hosting accounts with Big SEM Marketing can be provided with SSL for extra security of your organisation’s website with unlimited number of user login access. Ensure your website is Google compliant with a secure encrypted connection.

Your Website Easily Found on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines

A business website when well-constructed with the search engines’ best practices should perform well online to achieve higher SERPs. Search Engine Results Pages are the search engine’s information responses to searchers’ queries. The Search Engines will display the relevant information indexed and collated by the search engines to online queries. The more unique, interesting, relevant and user-friendly your website is through custom-built and development, the better ranking your web pages will achieve on the search engines. Your SEO Website should inform, educate, engage and convert your online visitors to loyal customers. It starts with your business website being easily found online and attracting more visitors with high quality contents.

Strategic Corporate Branded Website for effective targeting

Custom web development should build the best corporate branded websites and highlight the USP (Unique Selling Points) of your Brand and be better tailored for strategic growth. Business Branding will have better reach, attraction, conversion and retention of customers. Your strategic corporate branded website will pivot your business ahead of the competition to become an invaluable, key business asset.

Responsive Websites for Quality User Experience and Better Ranking

For optimised user experience on different viewing platforms, responsive website is now a requirement for your business website ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

To reduce bounce rates of your website, your website needs to get responsive which means being viewable on different digital platforms from tablets, mobiles/smartphones, laptops and PCs.

Responsive is a functionality that has been developed in your website to suit different digital viewing channels and platforms. Many old websites that are not updated are not responsive and Google has been penalising the ranking of websites that are not responsive.

Get responsive today!

Search Engine Optimised Websites for Faster Load Time

Search engine optimised, attractively designed, robust websites that load fast and are user-friendly for online browsers. This will reduce your drop-out rates.


Responsive, Intuitive, Secure, Intelligent for non-technical users.

The Digital world is going intuitive… why should your business fall behind? Business Websites no longer stand alone, there are powerful Website CMS behind the scenes. The best way to organise and manage web digital information from your website is to develop a customised Web Content Management System that will grow with your business. Any business with little or non-technical programming skills will benefit from a responsive Web Content Management System.

Rather than settle for an ordinary website with someone else, talk to us about what you want to achieve with your website and we will come up with the best web solutions for your organisation. Responsive and intuitive websites is the perfect solution for your workplace needs.

Your Web CMS System will enable or disable your business. Big SEM can repair or redesign your website with the right custom CMS. Our CMS Web Programmer/Developers and Graphic Designers have decades of Web CMS development skills to build your high performance website.

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What is Custom Web Development?

Custom Web Development is a systematic approach in web development and website programming in either open source or framework solutions.

Customised framework solutions in website development for example can be applications such as Laravel, Django, Phalcon and other web applications.

Commonly used are Open Source development solutions such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento which are web development programming using web technologies such as html, CSS and Javascript.