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Business Websites are an extension of your business. It will give your business a unique, definitive voice that resonates through your marketing to engage and retain customers’ attention to your brand. Does your business website have that definitive voice?


There are different types of websites: commercial, educational, information, community, social, directories, eCommerce stores and blogs. They are also different sizes of sites: mini sites, landing pages and lead capture pages. However, they all need search engine optimisation services. Should business websites attract and reach your target market, generate high quality sales leads and capture your audience’s attention? Yes they should and optimised websites rank best on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to be easily found.

Can potential customers find your website?

What Business Websites Are:

  • Internet Receptors and Gateways to your business
  • Responsive websites that are mobile friendly and viewable across all online platforms
  • Representative of your Business to inform, educate, promote and sell services and products
  • Opportunistic to compete at a level playing field with larger opponents
  • Building credibility of your business
  • Attracting, engaging, converting and retaining customers
  • Your online sales professionals who are promoting 24/7 for your business
  • Engaging visitors with high quality creative and informative contents
  • Online Sales Leads Generation and Capture
  • Tracking with Google Analytics to improve on their website’s performance
  • Valuable business assets

What Business Website Shouldn’t Be:

  • Hobby website
  • Built ad-hoc but should be well-planned and developed to meet business needs
  • Lost in the internet highways or cyberspace
  • Ignorant of search engine compliance requirements
  • Neglected or out of date

SEO Websites Are:

  • Responsive websites are user-friendly, mobile friendly and viewable on all online platforms, tablets, iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Updating website with fresh, high quality and engaging web contents
  • Well regarded by the search engines like Google and will rank better
  • Optimised to search engines requirements and preferences
  • Secure Websites with HTTPS Certificate – SSL Encrypted Internet Connection Security to ward off hackers and malware attacks
  • Websites that has fast load time and easy to navigate
  • Website Uptime is up and Downtime is low