Does Your Business Have A Voice?

Does Your Business Have A Voice?

Every person can find their voice even a stutterer. Your voice is the outer expression of what’s inside. Similarly, every business also has a voice and the voice should accurately reflect the business.

What about your business? Does it have a voice? Is it clear, unique and definitive? Will it stand out from the crowd?

Why a definitive voice?

60% of businesses fail due to ‘poor marketing’. One big reason for poor marketing is the inability to find that definitive voice that connects with your target audience.

Successful marketers know how to acquire that definitive voice to skilfully use it to attract potential buyers to respond to their marketing campaigns, build long term credibility, trust, relationship and desire for their products or services.

A definitive voice sets your business apart from other businesses.

A definitive voice gets your listeners’ attention and increases their retention.

Just how well you use your voice to connect with your potential buyers will determine the level of your marketing success.

In the movie, The King’s Speech cast by Colin Firth in his impromptu ascension to the English throne as King George VI, “Bertie” had to find his true voice. He was a stutterer from young and in one of the scenes where he was getting progressively frustrated with his impairment and his speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush), we arrive at that poignant moment where he burst out shouting in a stammer…

“because I have a voice. I have the right to be heard!”

‘Bertie’ did and found his true voice in his successful public radio broadcast as King.
Like ‘Bertie’, you need to discover your true definitive voice.

One big hindrance

Unchanged Mindsets – One big hindrance that sets businesses back from progressing forward is, not knowing how to unlearn what you have learnt. Most want to implement what they personally know and are uncomfortable with change. Have you ever reflected back and wish you had taken action? The same unchanged mindset with an ever changing marketplace means times are moving forward, past you.

Preparation and Opportunity = Success

Today’s technology has made it possible for every voice to find expression and connection on the internet. Some express ideas, opinions and recognition; some want relationships, updated news or information; some want to sell their products and others want to shop online. Accessibility and interaction on the internet, blog sites, online forums and social networking sites with technology advancing in smartphones, iphones and ipads and many interactive gadgets have attracted a huge global growth of internet users in the last ten years.

Select the right channel of communication and let your business voice be heard!

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