What’s In A Domain Name?

What’s In A Domain Name?

Now this is a question that anyone who owns a Domain Name should be interested in. Whether it’s one or multiple domain names, you would want to know How To Choose or Find A Domain Name and the things you need to be aware of in the research process prior to any domain names registration. You will also know “How To Register A Domain Name” properly so your rightful ownership is never in question.
Businesses that are clever know how to choose the best domain name. For small businesses, this is crucial for you to secure a relevant domain name that will help you build a strong online presence. After all when potential buyers are searching for your products or services online, your web pages want to be ranking on Page One of the search engines and having a well-researched domain name will help.

Your domain name is your brand and imaging and if properly marketed will connect your services or products to your potential buyers.

How To Choose A Domain Name?

  • Know the purpose and USP (unique selling point) when choosing a domain name.
  • Ensure the domain name is relevant to the market you’re targeting.
  • Demographics appeal to age groups, eco/social background etc.
  • Geographical region, .com.au. (domain for Australia) and .com (domain for International market)

If you want to own 2 business domains, .com.au and .com to attract both local and international markets, you can either vary the content material of the websites for each market or have one domain pointed to the other, so they share the same home page. Some Australians prefer to support and buy from .com.au websites.

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